Our team

dev / founder

Kunos from Mythic Saga

Hey, my name is Jonas and I love exercising and hiking with my dog. I'm also playing floorball in my freetime. I'm a complete game of thrones freak and love watching fantasy shows in general.
I'm taking courses to teach myself programming.
So I'm not an experienced programmer but for the hard and important things, we will ask for guidance and help (More about this below).
I would like to take the chance with this project to become self-employed and focus 100% for our clan. I began in March 2021 with Cardano and in September 2021 collecting CNFTs. Since then, I had some very cool and some bad experiences just like everyone else did, I guess.

artist / founder

Samuel from Mythic Saga

I'm 25 years old, play football with all my heart for more than 19 years. Our project helps me on my way to independence. It is always fun to learn new things and to develop our ideas further.
Since I was a little boy, I find art very exciting. However, I often lacked the time to do it myself! In the fall of 2021, I made the first steps with freehand drawing in Photoshop.
The first perks I drew up to five times because it looked like they were taken from the trash... After about 6 months my efforts are finally bearing fruit. Nevertheless, I want to keep my first drawing pieces out of principle, because exactly these make my progress authentic!
The present art is Authentic, coming Legendary

general help / advisor

Twolie from Mythic Saga

Hello, I'm Sven and I started to invest in Crypto in September 2020 and into CNFTs since September 2021 because of Kunos. I hold and support Mocossi Planet, CryptoDino and Chibidango Heroes. I'm even more hyped for our own amazing project and I want to build an outstanding community.
I completed an apprenticeship as a businessman in 2018 and currently I'm finishing my education to become an accounting clerk. In my spare time I love to go skiing and I started playing floorball. Unfortunately, I'm neither skilled at drawing nor programming that’s why I'm glad that my friends possess those skills more than me.

Some words for transparency: As said above, we are nor experienced artists neither experienced devs, but since we want the best experience for you, we will take help from professionals on the parts we need help.
So the whole minting process will be done by jared from tavernsquad! So that's something you can look forward to!

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