Chapter 1; Goblins

The young goblin Janra of the Air-Clan always wondered why life on Qadena was marked by war. When he asked his grandfather about it, he frowned and said in a low voice to sit down and listen carefully.
The grandfather said, "My grandfather, that is, your great-great-grandfather, told me this legend when I was little, and I think you are old enough to hear it now.
Hundreds of years ago, there was a huge monster that completely changed the world of that time. A dragon that towered over mountains with its size. His name was Yonos.
At that time there was peace, our present lava borders were only rivers. No one could imagine that war was on the way. Yonos wanted to enslave all three races under him with his sheer violence. Only one scale of him was already as big as a full-grown goblin.
At that time there were no clans, only different villages where the races lived together.
Yonos and his troll subjects destroyed everything and everyone who stood in their way.
But the five legendary brothers of Lucernas were first able to bring at least the trolls under their control with the Bracelet of Suppression. These bracelets are still worn today by some goblins to keep the troll leaders at bay.
They forged the magical bracelets by pouring lava from the powerful Myoldin into a container made of special glass and then mixing it with their own blood and that of the troll they wanted to control.
With this they had to hurt troll after troll and collect the trolls' blood. Then, to finally stop Yonos, they lured him to the top of the volcano Myoldin. When he was close enough to the ground to get Admery in his huge clutches, an idea came to him. But while he was still thinking it over, Yonos already had him in his giant clutches.
Suddenly a tear fell to the ground. The brothers, seeing him like that, already thought what he was going to do and shouted at him not to do it.
He ordered the trolls to cling to Yonos' scales and throw themselves into the lava of the volcano. Yonos tried in vain to cling to the inner walls of the volcano. With full force, they all crashed together into the depths of the lava. The force caused Myoldin to awaken and erupt. The four brothers just managed to save themselves from the lava. The huge eruption filled all the great rivers with lava and split Qadena into four parts.
The eldest of the brothers, Flaris, settled directly on Myoldin to be as close as possible to his brother. The second eldest, Azuris, fled to Lake Junglin and started a new family on Eleay Island.
Tera fled to the woodlands in the north-east. The last of the four, Mistral, settled in the mountains in the south-west.
Many years passed, but the four brothers could never really get over the loss of their little brother. Each blamed the others for Admery's death. They fell out more and more.
Now the brothers' earlier frustration has turned into outright hatred across the generations in the clans. Each clan is led by the descendants of the Lucernas brothers, who are now known as the Grand Masters.
That's how it usually is with hatred, it's taught to you that way by your ancestors, and then you teach it to your own flesh and blood. But the reasons for hating each other are known by very few and are not important to most."
From the divided land, the four clans have formed over time. They completely adapted to their environment and the elements became more and more important for the clans. This is how today's Fire, Water, Earth, and Air-clans were formed.
The clans of the four different elements prepare for a possible battle.
With their central location and Myoldin, the Fire-Clan is the strongest of all. Despite their relatively small numbers, they are the most respected clan. They are powerful fighters and have the best equipment. They are known for their honourable and noble characters.
Right after them, the Water-Clan is the second most powerful clan. In the course of time, the Water-Clan conquered more and more mainland along the coast. Now the whole coast is under their control. They have the most advanced houses and technologies, but they are not very good at fighting. Clever and greedy, that's probably the best way to describe them.
Next comes the Earth-Clan. They have a strong and extremely hard-working character. With their self-made and excavated caves, one of them is as strong as 3 goblins of the other clans. Their villages are entangled underground. They have a hard shell but a soft core. There is a joke, which is told all over Qadena and is well true, that the earth goblins are the trolls among the goblins.
The last clan, the Air-Clan, fled to the safety of the mountains. There they live encircled between the mountains completely sealed off from the rest of Qadena. This is the best way for them to stay out of all wars. They are the happiest and friendliest clan. Neither good fighters nor exceptionally clever, but they are very satisfied.
Recently, however, a drought has set in. There has been no rainfall for 3 months and the goblins of the Earth-Clan are suffering the most.
Their Grand Master calls the rest of the Grand Masters to discuss the dire situation and, in the best case, to receive water from the Water-Clan.

to be continued...

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