We are simply trying to create our own little world, would be a pleasure if you'd join us. No big promises, no huge faked roadmap. Just our own little story in our own little world with our own little monsters in there.

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chapter 1; the mythic goblins

the saga begins.

going public

landing on twitter and instagram with the trailer. Setting the website online.

chaper 1; the mythic goblins

dropping chapter 1 on the socials.

build our clan

actively building the mythic clan and a organicly built community.

reveal of admery's treasure

revealing to the clan what is this admery's treasure all about!

mint of the mythic goblins

when we reached the goal of the clan we thrived for, 6666 goblins will be minted! hurray!!

chapter 2 ; the mythic ??????

trailer chapter 2

right after the mint, the 2nd chapter will be announced and the next creatures revealed.

airdrop qadena's hotspots

air drop of landscapes of qadena

map improvements

drop the number of your goblin and let you get shown his home and neighbourhood. + several other improvements

admery's treasure

opening the gates for admery's treasure!

secret airdrop.. pssssst...


mint of the mythic ????

minting of the next creatures, chapter 2! 2222 yet to be revealed creatures.

chapter 3 ; the mythic ??????

trailer chapter 3

after the mint of these secret creatures, the trailer for the last breed in the mythic saga will be dropped and the creature revealed.

dangerous, legendary airdrop!

behold, holders! if you're lucky to have what is needed, you will be granted a gift of infinite beauty.

mint of the last breed

the last breed will minted and the 3 chapters will be complete! 1111 of the last breed. so overall 9999 creatures, one more dangerous than the others, will be minted!

the mythic merch!

we love our creatures, and sure hope you will too. For that reason the mythic merch will arrive!

secret's of the silent forest..

the silent forest comes to life...

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