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About mythic saga

The mythic saga is a fantasy story based nft collection of three completely different creatures, minted in three different drops.
In the first chapter it's all about the mythic goblins!
Each unique goblin is a one-of-a kind NFT, and you can have the complete ownership of it.

Four clans, four elements..
Choose your clan, and choose wisely.


The mythic saga

Peace has reigned between the clans for five hundred years.
But they are all preparing for the next war. Are you ready to fight and die for your clan?
Hundreds of years ago, there were over 100,000 goblins. But the war minimized this to only 6666.
The goblins now live in 4 different clans that relate to the four elements.
The Fire Clan is the strongest of all. They won the battle 100 years ago with the help of a powerful beast and took the volcano Myoldin as their home.

The World of Qadena

Click on the map to see your goblins houses, villages and homes!

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We are a art based project. No benefits or utility planned for now. Just our own little story in our own little world with our own little monsters in there.

mint 6666 goblins! no whitelist, no bs

airdop of qadena's hotspots

secret airdrop!

mint of 2222 mythic ?????

admery's treasure

airdrop of legendary beasts

minting 1111 of the last breed

mythic merch

secret's of the silent forest

Admery's Treasure

Admery's treasure

Our team

We are a young passionate team, which is aiming to bring the most original and unique art in different aspects to Cardano.

Kunos(left) and Sam(middle) are working together since 7 years, and when I showed him about CNFTs Sam came with the idea to create our own project.
He said that he is privately working with photoshop since several years. And I intended to learn programming anyway.

I then asked one of my best friends Twolie(right) who's also into NFTs to join us.
So that's how we founded mythic saga.

The team behind mythic saga


© copyright by mythic saga 2022